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Welcome to Graceful Body Pilates and Stretch

Matwork Pilates and Stretch Classes for the Strong and Graceful Body in All of Us.


A strong and graceful body is well within your reach no matter who you are. We are passionate and dedicated in supporting and inspiring you to nurture a deeper connection with your body as you enhance your fitness and restore great posture and stability, improve flexibility and body movement ease. Sculpt a strong, lean body that moves well.

Since 2006 we have been the friendly face for corporate fitness and wellness, community classes and private lessons.

Previously, Bodytone Yoga (2006-2018) we have now moved into an exciting new chapter in body-mind fitness with Graceful Body.

We love that we can now focus exclusively on fitness and wellness with the addition of Pilates alongside Stretch, release and relaxation (without the underpinning dogma and cultural-spiritual assumptions and affiliation that is inherent in Yoga). We are so grateful for this beautiful progression and next level of fitness we can offer you!

More than ever, our emphasis is your incredible workout together with stretch and tension release techniques. We are all about the science and beauty of bringing strength, flexibility and skillful, graceful body movement into your days.

We offer boutique Studio Classes in Greenwich as part of Studio Tibor Adult Ballet. Our emphasis is on small group training where you are treated with care and attention. Our sessions cater for maximum 9 clients per class with plenty of room for you to train, stretch and relax. All small equipment is provided for you at the Studio and there are change rooms and bathrooms available for your convenience.

Our Corporate Fitness and Wellbeing Sessions also follow the small group approach and we will often hold two sessions back to back for you and your team as opposed to one really large group. We believe Wellness is about you enjoying your workout and the breathing space for the mental break that comes with it.

Private Training is also offered one-to-one by appointment. This is where you can truly focus and address your needs, goals and aspirations and is often recommended prior to joining our small group classes. Especially, if we are supporting you in injury recovery and rehabilitation or during your pregnancy.

We keep to small groups for our Workplace Wellness and Corporate Fitness Programs

Looking forward to meeting you and being part of your fitness and wellness success story!