Thank you!

Corporate Well-being

“Your classes totally made me love yoga.”

Executive Officer/Registrar, Courts Services, DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE

“When I first started yoga in October 2008 I was 40kg overweight, extremely unfit and I experienced issues with lower back pain. In 2009 I had back surgery and after a 6 month recuperation, Penny helped me to continue with my yoga journey. After 2 years I have made a full recovery, lost 40kg and am now working on intermediate and advanced yoga positions. I also managed to do the Yogadance classes for a term! Yoga has been a key part of my success in losing weight, reducing my stress levels and getting healthy again and I am so grateful to have had Penny helping me all the way.”


“This is the first time I participated in a Yoga session. To be honest with you, it was really good and refreshing. You made me love Yoga. When this opportunity came I wasn’t that interested but our coordinator of this program encouraged me to go to one session and see how I feel. I should thank her for doing that because now it’s one of my favourite activities. Most importantly, your approach to the individual condition is so good. I have thouroughly enjoyed every session and I hope this initiative will continue for the coming months. Your very pleasant manner is second to none.”

Senior ATM Operations Specialist   WESTPAC BANKING COPORATION

“Since 2011, Bodytone Yoga has been providing two classes a week. Penny helps us build strength, develop flexibility, calm our minds, make us feel re-energised and rejuvenated! The practice is tailored each time depending on our moods, level of fatigue/fitness and personal injuries. Beyond the benefits of the practice, this activity has enabled to build a community of yogis in the company and develop bond between teams and departments. Each session is restorative or fun and each of us goes out with a stretched and pain-free body, a peaceful heart and a focused mind, ready to tackle more challenges of care-providing organisation.”

Learning and Development Specialist  GENEA WORLD LEADERS IN FERTILITY

Private Lessons

“My Yoginis are so dedicated they make me so proud – they thank me for showing them the way. I thank you for lighting my candle”

Karren Ogg, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist and Founder of YOGA BARE HAWKESBERY 

“I have found that my yoga practice has enchanced my well-being on many levels. The physical changes are an improved posture, increased flexibility and a more toned body. For my health, I no longer get the bad neck  pain and strain I used to get specifically in winter, with topical migraines being very rare now and the sciatic pain I used to get has reduced substantially. I also used to need regular massages to release areas of pain and tension but now my targeted yoga practice takes care of this. Mentally I feel calmer and more at peace with myself. I am more meditative and able to see things more clearly and calmly when stressed by using tools I have learned. I walk out of a Bodytone Yoga practice feeling motivated, calm and capable. It helps me be who I want to be”

Michelle Le Blanc, Corporate Executive

“Bodytone Yoga has helped relieve my stressed body and mind, improve flexibility, and overall health. As a dentist, work means I naturally work with bad posture, so my neck and shoulders are extremely tight. I always felt really tense, however after starting yoga I hardly complain of this anymore, and feel amazingly lighter. I also recently had my first baby, and loved prenatal yoga, and am loving postnatal yoga. Penny’s knowledge, and care helped me look after myself and my body, which was changing so much to grow my baby. I feel like I had minimal pregnancy related pains and issues thanks to yoga, and also now am loving yoga as my body recovers.”

Jenny Cheng, Professional Dentist and Mum

Community Classes

“After a few sessions, yoga had helped me to develop an awareness and acceptance of my body. I simply saw the condition of my body and looked to improve a little bit each time I practiced. This is very different to the old approach where I simply hated my body and wanted to change instantly, which only resulted with me being stressed by a lack of results and would give up. Yoga has provided me with an improved philosophy on life. I feel more stable mentally; I can meet both triumph and disaster in a similar fashion. I am not saying that I’m a robot but rather I feel wiser in my approach to life. I feel a more constant energy in my life. I used to be very moody (usually quite down) but now I don’t feel those mood swings like before. Penny is the type of person that I wish there were a lot more in the world. She is positive and cheerful. She cares for your wellbeing”

Joshua Miskelly, Accounting Professional