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Studio Classes

Studio Classes 

We offer select Studio Classes where you can come in and learn to Master the Basics of Yoga, focus on Conditioning & Technique, and explore the potential of Yoga for Creativity with our very own Yogadance Company (est. 2007).

Our fully equipped venue within Studio Tibor Adult Ballet Studio in Greenwich is nestled opposite North Shore Private Hospital on 188-192 Pacific Highway and is a quick walk from St Leonards train station. All classes are a small group format of about 8 to 12 participants maximum which allows for personalised attention and a dialogue between us as we refine your practice.

Tuesdays 7:00PM (1hr) – Bodytone Yoga for Fitness and Relaxation

This session covers the main aspects of yoga principles and practices for body, breath and mind harmonisation and sets the foundation for mindful movement. Cultivate a deep connection and awareness of the interrelationship between the role of supportive breath for movement, importance of optimum alignment for efficient movement and role of a quiet mind for responsiveness to the moment. No previous yoga experience is required as you are guided every step of the way.

Wednesdays 7:00PM (1hr) – YogaDance Company 

This session takes you through the yoga principles and sets them to music for the purposes of exploration and responsiveness to the moment as the foundation for creativity. You are taken through a warm-up that begins to free up and strengthen your body. Then we focus on technique and balance elements for the theme of the improvisation which progressively builds to story telling and choreography. A warm-down follows to stretch the body and quieten the breath and mind into meditation. No previous dance experience is required as you are guided every step of the way.

Saturdays 8:30am (1hr) – Bodytone Yoga Conditioning & Technique

This session is an opportunity for you to come in with specific requests for restoring balance from your week’s activities. How’s your body feeling? Do you have questions about technique? Using yoga practices, stretching techniques, tension release work, core strengthening and body-alignment reintegration we meet you where you are at on the day and respond to the type of session you need. This class shows you practices that are supportive to your well-being that you can take into your day to day life. This is yet another reason why we are so passionate about keeping to small groups where we can do this!

Take advantage of 1 MONTH of Studio Classes for just $35 to kick start your journey with us!*