Schedule 2018  

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New to Yoga? 

Please arrive 5 to 10 mins early so we can show you around and check-in with you if you have any other questions. We will send you a little Health Questionnaire in advance but you may still like to have a quick chat with your instructor prior to class. We want to make sure you feel most welcome! Come in with an open mind and great attitude and we provide the rest including all equipment.

What to wear? 

Comfortable clothes, something you can stretch in. No shoes or socks are required.

Yoga is not for me, I’m not flexible! Do you think there’s any point?

Yoga can be precisely for you as we have the expertise to guide you safely with stretching, strengthening and focusing your mind. Come in willing to have a go and you will be surprised at what’s possible for you! Some of our most enjoyable journeys and testimonials have actually been from awesome people like you who initially thought this wasn’t for them!

I’ve had an injury and my back/knee could play up? Is this safe for me?

Please advise the instructor of this and include it in your registration/health questionnaire section so we can guide you safely as well as look at ways to promote recovery and share these with you. A private lesson is always a good idea as well depending on what’s going on in your body at the moment and your medical history. Your instructor will also check-in with you at the beginning of your session and then offer adaptations and supportive practices throughout your class together. We also like to follow up with you on how your body responds to the practice so do take note on how you feel afterwards over the next couple of days.

Yoga is too SLOW for me. What if I get bored?

Yes, Yoga does ask you to slow down and for very good reasons…to learn technique, align your body well, move mindfully, build core support, enjoy diaphragmatic breathing and a general self-awareness. The mental benefits of clearing your mind from all the clutter and chatter are invaluable for your health. Building these new skills may be different to what you are currently used to at first. However, once you master the basics you’ll be amazed at the freedom that comes from this! So when you’re ready and confident in working safely, we adjust the rhythm of your practice to keep you engaged because yes, as humans we can get bored!

What Style of Yoga do you teach?

During our sessions together we take you through the various aspects of yoga: meditation techniques, breath-work, postures and ways of working with the body for fitness, relaxation techniques, balancing of energies in the body (notably “lunar” and “sun” qualities of Hatha Yoga) with the overall aim of harmonising body, breath and mind. From a “style” perspective we adapt to you and the small group that comes together – it may be Gentle, Dynamic, Vinyasa, Viniyoga, Restorative, Explorative, Rehabilitative, with a particular combination or emphasis depending on where you are right now and where you’d like to be.

I’ve been practising for years…Why Bodytone Yoga?

We love that you have been on your yoga path for years, perhaps you are a yoga teacher yourself. Let us support you in strengthening your personal practice and offer fresh perspectives for your knowledge base and experience to date in your teaching. The way we teach is very transparent because ultimately we want all our participants to become their own best teacher. We would still encourage you to maintain the lineage you have come from and compliment your practice with us. Many of our students have gone on to become yoga teachers themselves and it’s always such a joy to see you float in and out of our sessions with enjoyment and respect. Everyone needs to feel like a student and particularly like a beginner once again. Like the experience of a child who keeps learning with openness and joy we are here for you!

Do I have to sign up or can I just drop in casually?

Yes, you are most welcome to drop in casually although we would love to hear from you first to ensure there is a spot available for you! We are dedicated to small group personalised sessions of maximum 12 participants and want to make sure you are not disappointed.

Why do I have to register?

Once we reserve your spot you will be sent a link to a brief registration and health questionnaire so we can find out a little bit about you and what you would most love to get from our session/s together. From time to time we also keep you informed by sending you a quick email of any class updates or changes, as well as any bonus sessions, events and extra resources you can use at home or in your day to day routines. We love for you to feel fully supported on your journey.

What’s the cost? 

Introductory Studio Offer!

We’re so excited to move to our new Studio space for Bodytone Yoga. Let’s make it home together as you train for 1 month for only $35* Limited Places. Please contact us to secure your spot!

Studio Classes

  • Casual Class $25
  • 5-Class Pass $110 ($22 each) Valid for 2 months
  • 10-Class Pass $200 ($20 each) Valid for 3months

Therapeutic Yoga Privates

  • Initial Consultation 1.5 hours for $150
  • Initial Consultation 1hour for $110
  • Value Packages are available for 5 Session and 10 Session Programs. We tailor the best option for your schedule and budget – 30mins, 45min or 60mins sessions. You can also share your session with your someone close to you who will also benefit for themselves and/or in supporting you.

Corporate Wellbeing

  • Our most popular program is the 8 Week Course at $15 per person per class (for 8 to 12 participants maximum)
  • Casual rates for Single Sessions (e.g. Team Building events and Conferences) also available
  • Speak to us about your requirements
  • Introductory meeting and Initial Obligation Free Session available by appointment.